Get Off the Beaten Path With Truck and Folding Campers

With the temperatures rising and the kids getting out of school, now is the time that families start coming into Guaranty RV to look at truck campers and folding (or pop-up) campers. Truck campers are great for RVers who want to get off the beaten path, and are also a favorite during hunting season. Pop-up campers are lighter-weight alternatives to a travel trailer and are perfect for large families who want to spend as many weekends as possible at their favorite state parks and campgrounds. So which one is right for you and your family? A truck camper can go anywhere your pickup can take you, but a folding camper gives you that camping-in-a-tent experience that we all love, while still providing you with a comfortable bed and a kitchen. In this blog we’re going to look at the merits of both types of campers.

Truck Campers

If you’re looking for adventure, a truck camper can’t be beat. Not only will they fit in any campsite that you can drive your pickup into, but you can take them off-road to those spots no one else can reach. The best ones come equipped with generators, solar panels and large enough holding tanks to let you dry camp for days at a time. You also have the advantage of being able to tow a boat or trailer behind your pickup, so if you’re a fisherman or you want to bring your ATVs to the dunes, a truck camper can be a good RV choice.

The off-road capabilities of a truck camper make them popular favorites among hunters because they allow RVers to get closer to the game. They’re a good size to fit you and a couple of buds for a weekend hunting trip, and the four-season models are great for fall and winter camping. An excellent four-season truck camper is the Arctic Fox line by Northwood. Northwood is located in La Grande, Oregon and they make their truck campers to withstand the extreme temperatures of Eastern Oregon. The Arctic Fox campers have an aluminum frame that is both lightweight and strong. Northwood has added extra insulation in the walls, ceiling, floors and around the heated tanks to prevent freezing. They’ve also given these models strong walk-on roofs. They are tough, four-season RVs that happen to also feature incredibly wise use of interior space.

Another great company that makes truck campers is Lance. Lance opened their doors in 1965 and have been making RVs and truck campers ever since—which means that Lance has been making Truck Campers for 50 years and know exactly what they’re doing. They also have a commitment to building as < “green”] an RV as they can. The wood they use in their campers is a composite of sustainable hardwoods. The glues they use all pass California's standards for non-toxic glue. And, as of 2015, Lance campers are now mercury-free. They also offer four-season packages, so if you are planning to use your truck camper for hunting, Lance is a great option. Explore our inventory of Lance campers to see the variety of amenities this manufacturer offers.

A truck camper can be the ideal RV for adventurous families, hunters and other outdoorsmen who like to get out of the campground and closer to nature. If you're considering a truck camper, don't hesitate to call us with any questions, or come down to Guaranty RV and we'll be glad to show you the wide variety of amenities.

Folding Campers

Folding campers or pop-up campers have been popular since at least the early 20th century for the same reasons they are popular today—they can be towed by a mid-sized vehicle, they let you be close to nature, they are easy to store, and you don’t have to sleep on the ground or pump water from a well. In essence, the folding camper is half tent and half trailer with the best features of both. The advantage of folding campers over truck campers is that they are great for larger families. Depending on the model, they can sleep up to 10 people, which makes them perfect for family camping trips. Because of their compact towing size, they can fit in campsites where larger motorhomes or travel trailers can’t. Keep your pop-up camper packed and ready to go, so you can hook it up and take off for the weekend anytime you want. Once you are parked at the campground, they’re remarkably easy to set up, so you’ll be ready to camp and relax in no time.

The other big plus of pop-up campers is that they’re easy to store when not in use. They fit easily into a traditional garage or carport, so you won’t need to purchase special RV covers or rent a space to overwinter your camper.

One of the best companies out there for making folding campers is Forest River. Based in Indiana, Forest River started their manufacturing business by making folding campers. They have grown into a company that makes excellent motorhomes, toy haulers, fifth wheels, travel trailers, even boats. But one of their best products is still their pop-up campers. Like Lance, Forest River is also a company that is committed to helping the environment. They work with independent agencies like TRA Certification, Inc. to set the standard for green building in the recreational vehicle industry.

Forest River’s folding campers come in a variety of models. Our favorite for large families is the Rockwood 2280BH. It has a queen-sized bed on one end and another slightly smaller bed on the other. The dinette turns into a bed, as does the couch. There are so many places for everyone to sleep! The great thing about the beds on the ends is that they come with heated mattress pads, so no matter what the temperature is outside, you’ll be nice and toasty inside.

If you don’t need quite so many beds, take a look at one of Forest River’s A-frame folding campers such as the 2016 Rockwood A122. They are some of the most awesome pop-up campers out there. Basically, instead of this camper being half tent, it is half cabin. Two walls form a peak and there is your roof. Then the two walls with windows and a door snap into place and you have your pop up A-frame camper. This style of pop-up camper is great if you get caught in a thunderstorm. The walls and ceiling are all made of very lightweight, environmentally friendly materials that one person can easily assemble. For smaller families who love to hit the campgrounds as many times as possible every summer, A-frame folding campers are a great choice.

Whether you’re looking for a folding camper to fit your larger family or tow behind your mid-size vehicle, or you want a truck camper that you can use year round, we have the right fit for you here at Guaranty RV. Contact us if you have any questions. We’re happy to help you find the camper that is going to best fit your lifestyle.

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