Fun RV outside entertainment centers

We can’t wait to get outside when the winter weather subsides, fire up the BBQ, and turn on some tunes on our RV outside entertainment centers. In Oregon, this often means that we are starting this process in July, but for our friends in San Diego, Las Vegas, Tampa and elsewhere with sunshine all year, it’s just another Wednesday.

Entertaining is one of the best part of the RV lifestyle. We get to travel all over the country, stay in gorgeous, scenic spots and meet some of the nicest people around and invite them over to our picnic table to enjoy the evening. Lighting, music, the cool cover of an awning; all these things contribute to our overall enjoyment.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite RV outside entertainment centers with you. Take a look…

This would be a great addition when you travel to see your favorite team play so you didn’t have to miss a minute of any of the games…

We like this one because it has extra outlets in addition to the audio features. One can never have too many outlets!

For those of you who remember drive-in movie theaters and feel a little nostalgic about them, here is a set up that allows you to create your own right in the campsite next to your RV!

If you’re handy and want to upgrade your old entertainment set up to a new HD receiver and TV, this how to video shows you a step by step.

Happy Entertaining!

If you’re interested in learning more about what RV outside entertainment center might work for your RV, please contact our friendly parts department for more information.

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