Everybody Wins with Guaranty Fundraiser

Guaranty and the Cosmos-Bellotti Sports and Leadership Foundation teamed up again in 2016 to help out the local community. Guaranty sponsored 25 groups who made over $92,000 selling the popular Cosmos Creations product. Groups such as Sweet Home Cheer Team, Lebanon Swim Club, American Heritage Girls Troop and high schools in Days Creek, Klamath Falls, Corvallis and Harrisburg have benefitted from their fundraisers with new equipment and opportunities. Since the program started, groups have raised a total of $193,434.

“Klamath Union High School would like to thank Guaranty for their support not only of our athletic program but also AVID academic program with the Cosmos Creations. It’s greatly helped our athletics program,” said Scott Mason, KUHS Athletic Director.

“We are proud to be a part of the Cosmos-Bellotti Sports and Leadership Foundation. This has done a great job of helping youth groups attain the goals that they have in mind for their kids. This really is the fundraising of the future and will help these kids learn new skills along the way. So give these kids a pat on the back and buy the product when they knock on your door,” says Shannon Nill, Guaranty RV President.

“Thank you so much for offering such a great fundraising opportunity to our 4-H clubs during your 50th anniversary celebration! South Lane Community Club was thrilled to be able to take advantage of your generous offer and had a great time! Your commitment to the 4-H program means so much to us and we can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful community partner,” said Emily Anderson, OSU Extension Office for Lane County 4-H.

The Cosmos-Bellotti Sports and Leadership Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Cosmos Creations in Junction City and Mike and Colleen Bellotti. The fundraising program aims to build integrity, foster teamwork and encourage students to strengthen their sports programs through leadership and service.

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