Customer Service in difficult conditions

Just imagine, you are in a field in Medford, Oregon, it is 90+ degrees outside. You have 150 customers onsite in their RV’s and you have promised them power, water and sewer dump for four days. The only small problem you have, is that one of the brand new generators you have rented for the occasion, a 100kw monster capable of powering a small city just quit working, just quit. You call the generator supplier, and find out they will send a technician right out. Wonderful, the only problem is that the technician is in Oakland, California, but he is on his way. Of course every one of the customers whom have paid $900 for this adventure is completely calm and understanding of your situation as you make your way from RV to RV reassuring, cajoling and asking for patience as you wait for the technician to arrive. Finally, the technician arrives, two hours late, but at least he is here. He looks at the generator, and cannot fix it.

Fortunately, there is another generator onsite that will handle the additional load and they can jump between it and the non-working generator to power the RV’s. But wait, there are no cords to do this, they have to be located somewhere in town, and it should only be an hour or so to run to town and bring them back. Amazingly this plan actually works, the cables get brought, hooked up, the generator fires up, and all the RV’s are powered up, air conditioners working overtime to cool down the insides.

That is a small slice of a day in the life of Jason Calahan and Dave Taylor and Rhett Powers and all the show support people who work with them. They work hard in whatever conditions nature or mankind puts in their way. They smile when a customer is complaining to them and help in any way they can. They go the extra mile when a couple who is not our customer couldn’t find a place to stay and we put them up and treat them like our own. To all of you who work on the shows, too many to name but you know who you are, thanks for taking the Guaranty Way on the road and showing the rest of the world how it should be done. You do a great job no matter what is put in your way in the heat and rain and wind and I for one thank you for it.

Keep up the good work.


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