Convinced that you are right, even when you aren’t

I have a confession to make, an embarrassing confession.

About a month ago I bought a new Silverado Pickup from the Chevrolet store. I owned my last one for 12 years, and although I thought it was a great truck, this one is far superior in every way, more horsepower, quieter, more towing capacity for my trailer and the radio, my gosh, it is a wonder of modern electronics. AM/FM is just the start, it has a backup camera, touch screen, Sirius XM, it will store 60 channels, it syncs with my phone automatically and has voice commands. It has a remote start on the key fob and it even came with OnStar, the satellite monitoring system.

Well that is where my trouble started. As most of you know, I am in love with technology, I just love a new app and with OnStar, you get the MyChevrolet App which gave me a bunch of stuff right there on my phone. I can lock or unlock the doors, sound the horn, check how much fuel is in the tank, the tire pressure, the list goes on and on, but the one I like the best is being able to start my truck using my phone, I just love that feature. Except about a week after I got the truck the remote start quit working. Wow. I went back to the app several times over the next couple of weeks and tried starting the truck and nothing, system failure, call OnStar.

So, I finally got time to call OnStar. They were very helpful, they knew who I was, they asked me to delete the old app and reinstall a new one which I did, no luck. They asked me to go to the truck and call them, which I did and they downloaded new software then asked me to try again, I pushed the button, the spinning wheel of death spins and spins till the dreaded error message comes up again. The operator asked me to try it again, and dutifully I pushed the button when all or a sudden the operator comes back on and says in the nicest way she possibly can, Mr. Morgan, our message says you are pushing the wrong button.

Complete, total and utter embarrassment. I just know, that night she is sitting at a bar with her friends telling them, “you won’t believe the call I got today”. Now to be a little fair to myself, the icons on the app don’t say “Start” or “Stop” but there are only two of them, and you would have thought (if I had thought for even two minutes about this) that maybe, just maybe I might have tried the other button, but no, I did not. I was convinced beyond any doubt that the app just didn’t work and didn’t even consider the option of pushing the other button. I was right, and the app was wrong. I was disappointed in myself because I am not normally that way, one of my talents as a problem solver is that ability to question everything, but this time I just didn’t. In our day to day lives, how many times do we deal with someone who is so convinced about the rightness of their position that they cannot consider an alternate view or admit error. We see it on the news from Washington every day, we see it every day in our own lives. I certainly learned a lesson.

Just something to think about.


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