Choosing an RV Washing Machine

Many people don’t think of RV appliances like washing machines as the most important things to consider before purchasing a vehicle. But because these costs accumulate quickly, we recommend you seriously take a look before making your final decision.

There’s a very simple reason we love RVing: it’s the best of both worlds! We can enjoy the adventure of camping while keeping some of the comforts of home. For people who regularly take long trips in their RV, having a functional and easy-to-use washing machine can make a big difference! Since RV washing machines in particular can be tricky to replace, here are some tips.

Washing machines often come as stackable units with a dryer. If you’re installing a unit in a vehicle you already own, make sure you measure your closet space beforehand to make sure that the models you look at will fit. But of course, keep in mind that nearly all units are designed to fit nicely into closet space.

Today, nearly all RVs come with plumbing that is setup to accommodate these appliances. However, RV units have much smaller load capacities than those you’d use in your home.

Front-load appliances are more water and energy efficient, so if water usage is a concern for you we recommend looking at these models. Although washer units add to overall water usage, the convenience of having washers and dryers in your own vehicle may make the additional energy and water use worthwhile.

At this point, it’s clear that the days of washing clothing manually during a camping excursion are now much less common. If you’re ready to install a washer and dryer, there are certain brands you can always count on. One well-known brand is Splendide. Although it’s not the cheapest brand, we recommend it due to its unmatched quality.

If you aren’t ready to spend enough for a Splendide unit, one less expensive alternative is Whirlpool . These are quality items at a more affordable price.

Depending on how often you travel, doing laundry in your own vehicle can be more effective in the long run, because campgrounds usually charge a few dollars per load.

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