Bags of Love

UPDATEAs of July 11, 2017, we have currently collected and donated 92 pounds of items for the Bags of Love organization. If you would like to continue to assist the Bags of Love in thier efforts you can find out more information at We know we cannot solve all the problems of child abuse, neglect, poverty, and homelessness, but with your help we are making a difference. Over the past seven years, nearly 9,000 Lane County children have received a Bag of Love filled with necessities and comfort items. Your donation helps ensure our ability to assist even more children and young adults when they are at their most vulnerable.
Guaranty Aims to Help Children in Need with Bags of Love.
Guaranty Chevrolet and RV Super Centers are proud sponsors of the Bags of Love. The purpose of Bags of Love is to provide necessities and comfort items to children who are in crisis due to neglect, abuse, poverty or homelessness. Each bag is customized for the age and gender of the child and includes a handmade quilt, stuffed animal, toiletries, clothing, including a jacket/coat, PJs, socks, underwear, books/toys/games, and school supplies. All of our bags are distributed through qualified partner agencies that assist children in Lane County struggling with disaster, homelessness, poverty and/or upheaval in their lives.

You can help by donating at the following locations:

Guaranty Chevrolet

20 Hwy 99 S

Guaranty Motorized Showcase

93636 Hwy 99 S

Guaranty RV Travel Center

93668 Hwy 99 S

These are things that are always in short supply!
Disposable diapers in all sizes.
Socks and underwear for school-aged children.
Pajamas for school-aged children.
Long pants for boys in sizes 3-16.
Baby shampoo.
Books for children ages 8-17.
Prepaid phone cards for older children.
Batting for quilts.
Small toys for boys, ages 3-12.
Cash donations of all sizes.

Donation Guidelines
Used items need to be clean and “like new” Undergarments, socks and pajamas must be new.
Clothing, toys, and books should be age and gender appropriate.
Items in or on the bags need to be non-religious in nature, including clothing, books, and toys.
Clothing needs to be conservative so parents and schools will not have issues. (No thong underwear.)
No provocative t-shirts, either in style or subject of picture/logo –such as nudity, alcohol, drugs, skulls, etc. (No “mommy,” “daddy,” or “grandparent” clothing or bibs.)
Electronic games need to be self-contained and not require other video or elec-tronic equipment to use (No videos, DVDs or CDs.)
Toys, games, and puzzles must have all their pieces and be in good working condition.

For more information on the Bags of Love organization visit here.

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