Atwood Water Heaters

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have your RV accessories serviced without service personnel needing to even enter your vehicle? We think so, too. Which is only one of the reasons we love Atwood brand water heaters.

Atwood is an RV parts and accessories manufacturer that has been around for years and is very well trusted by the recreational vehicle community. One of their specialties is producing water heaters, of which they have a selection bound to suit almost any RV you could find. Let’s take a look at the types of RV water heaters offered by Atwood, and you’ll get an idea of which ones may work best for your vehicle.

Tank RV Water Heaters
The majority of Atwood water heaters are tank heaters. Of these, there are three primary variations: electronic ignition, pilot ignition and marine water heaters (for those of you who tow a boat on your RV excursions, too!)

Electronic ignition heaters are both convenient and safe, and allow users to turn the water heater on and off from inside the coach. And like we mentioned earlier, it is highly unlikely that having services performed on your will require someone to enter the vehicle because 95% of all serviceable components can be accessed from the exterior. Also, these heaters can be installed before sidewalls and can therefore be tested on RVs before construction is completed.

Pilot ignition water heaters are manually lit once you’ve reached your destination. In less than 30 minutes, your hot water will be ready to go. Like electronic ignition heaters, these can be accessed through the exterior door for servicing, and are built with multiple protection features to avoid problems.

If you ever use your RV to tow your boat on your way to the lake, then you’ll love Atwood’s marine water heaters, too. These have efficient heat exchangers so your water will be hot in no time. And you won’t have to worry about engine coolant contaminating your fresh water system thanks to its double tube construction. The incoloy element means that if you accidentally operate on an empty tank, your water heater will be protected. Marine water heaters are complete with corrosion resistant exteriors and are designed for ultimate flexibility as far as installation location goes. And with Atwood, you’ll see a substantial weight savings over other water heaters.

On Demand RV Water Heaters
Unlike tank water heaters, on demand models provide continuous hot water, starting as soon as you turn your faucet. They’re available in up to 50,000 BTU models, and give RVers the same type of comforts as your home: hot water whenever you need it.

These water heaters are more energy efficient than you’d think, as power is only used when hot water is demanded. And they’re designed to fit in existing water heater openings for almost all brands and sizes. Plus, a 2-year warranty means you can rest assured that you water heater is built to last.

At Guaranty, we trust and highly recommend all Atwood RV parts and accessories. Contact us today for more information about RV water heaters or other accessories.

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