2017 Tent Trailers: The Perfect RV for Outdoor Sports Part #2

Last week we spent part one of this blog talking about how tent trailers (also known as pop-up campers and folding campers) are evolving to become one of the best RVs for outdoor sports enthusiasts. With new innovations like Forest River’s Extreme Sports Package (ESP), you get a load-bearing surface and roof rack system that lets you safely haul bikes, kayaks, canoes, surf boards, pretty much whatever gear you want. The new ESP travel trailers have higher ground clearance, as well as Mud Rover tires to give you access to even more out-of-the-way places to get that canoe in the water or your board on the best waves.

This week we want to take some time to tell you about our other favorite RV option for outdoor sports enthusiasts: The SylvanSport GO.

The SylvanSport GO

Called the Swiss Army knife of camping trailers, the GO is a melding of fantastic design and precision engineering. Part utility trailer, part tent trailer, it really does give you the best of everything. National Geographic ADVENTURE magazine called the GO the “Coolest. Camper. Ever. The SylvanSport Go is the camp trailer for people who’ve never thought about camp trailers.” In fact, they said this little tent trailer is the “best base camp of the year.” Men’s Journal was blown away by it’s innovation, efficiency and ability to “transform from gear-hauling storage mode to an adventure camper in less that 10 minutes.” With those accolades, the GO won the magazine’s coveted Gear of the Year award.

Come out to the Guaranty RV lot and take a look at one of these beauties, and you’ll see why outdoor sports enthusiasts are so excited. First, the trailer weighs only 840 pounds and can hold 800 pounds of cargo. That puts it well within the towing capabilities of most crossover vehicles, SUVs and smaller pickups. So, if you have gear you want to haul, you no longer have to own a gas guzzling 3/4- or 1-ton pickup. Next, the GO is designed from the ground up for easy, smooth towing, with amazing suspension. Also, it’s designed with roof rack systems that make it easy to haul your gear when it’s in travel mode (800 pounds of gear, remember!). And it’s easy to park and store because it is literally smaller than any other towable on the market.

The GO has three configurations: Travel Mode, Transport Mode and Camping Mode. First let’s talk about the part that makes outdoor sport enthusiasts so happy. In Travel Mode, this little aerodynamic trailer provides easy ways to haul coolers, tents and other smaller gear under the hard top. Once you’ve got those items stored away, put the top on, and your bikes, kayaks, canoes, ski equipment, and more can be secured safely to the heavy duty racks on top. And there is a lockable 9 cubic foot storage pod that will function as a built in cooler. This tent trailer also has excellent off-road capabilities, with high ground clearance to manage bumps and potholes. The standard 2” ball coupler and flat 4-wire electrical connector makes it easy to hook up and go.

Once you’ve reached your camping destination, it takes about five minutes to change your GO from Travel Mode to Camping Mode. The pop-up tent sits securely on the trailer, and has a variety of living and sleeping configurations. It will sleep four adults comfortably (it comes with four self-inflating beds), and includes options for twin beds or a big 10’6” X 7’ bed, and there is a movable table that fits into the floorplan as well. Once up, the GO tent easily allows a 6’ 4” person to stand upright.

The added benefit is the Transport Mode feature that turns your gear hauling camping trailer into a utility trailer. In this mode you can transport 12 kayaks! So if you’re dreaming about meeting up with all your friends for a day on the water, the GO will not only take your gear, but all of theirs too. And when you’re not out having extreme fun, this little trailer will serve you well in you day-to-day as well. It will be there for you when you’ve got to bring home a new refrigerator or take your riding lawn mower for repairs. No more having to borrow a pickup from a friend or pay delivery fees. The trailer can be used with the top on or off as well, and it has a control-tilt deck, so loading and unloading your ATV will be a breeze.

The SylvanSport Go is a sleek, easy to use tent trailer with a ton of options. For a couple or small family, it is a perfect RV for loading up your gear and hitting the high lakes.

The best way to make a decision about which tent trailer is right for you, is to actually stand in one, put it up, take it down and experience the process. If you need more room for a larger family, a Forest River Rockwood with the Extreme Sport Package might be your best bet. But if you’re looking for a small trailer with big possibilities, the SylvanSport GO could be ideal. Come down to Guaranty and we’ll be glad to take you out to the tent trailers where you can experience them for yourself.

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