2017 Tent Trailers: The Perfect RV for Outdoor Sports Part #1

One of the most economical and comfortable ways to RV, when you want to get as far from civilization as possible, is in a folding camper, also known as a pop-up camper or tent trailer. These easy-to-use towables have been popular since the earliest days of RVing. They have a number of key advantages that make them the RV of choice for a wide variety of people; they are lightweight enough to be towed by smaller pickups, SUVs and crossover vehicles, and they are easy to store, which makes them ideal for families or individuals who live in suburban or urban areas. Their design allows RVers to be as close to nature as you would be in a tent, but you get the advantages of a comfortable bed, running water, cooking options and heat. Depending on the model, they can sleep up to 10 people—perfect for both family camping and groups of friends. They can also fit into campsites that many travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes are too large for.

Now, however, new innovations in tent trailer technology have given some models a new purpose in life. Pop-up campers are increasingly the best camping option for people who are passionate about outdoor sports. Whether it’s mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, canoeing or pretty much anything else, the new sports-oriented tent trailers are built to carry your gear, as well as give you a comfortable, affordable place to sleep at night. If you’re an active family, or a couple who live to hit the beach and the mountains on a regular basis, the new tent trailers can help you make the most of your outdoor experience.

In this two-part blog, we’re going to look at two of our favorite tent trailer manufacturers—Forest River and Sylvan—who are building RVs with the outdoor sports enthusiast in mind.

Forest River’s Extreme Sports Package

Forest River has a longstanding reputation as an RV manufacturer with one of the highest standards of manufacturing and quality testing in the industry. This has made their standard Rockwood tent trailers and hard body pop-up campers popular favorites among RVers for many years. New for 2017, Forest River is building what they call their Extreme Sports Package (ESP). As they say, this is an RV “built for 21st century camping.”

Apparently, some clever team of people over at Rockwood thought, “Hmm…what if we started with our fantastic folding pop-up camper, and added everything a person might need for living in the modern world, and then gave this new tent trailer a flexibility in design and options that let outdoor sports enthusiasts safely carry their gear?” It’s a genius combination of comfort and purpose.

In the ESP package, you’ll find a solid ProRac roof rack system that includes two permanent, mounted crossbars. These provide a load-bearing surface for securing up to 150 pound of gear. ProRac’s bike and kayak carrier attachments with load stops and tie downs make this roof rack system a breeze to use. Additionally, Forest River’s ESP packages give you 12” of ground clearance and 15” Mud Rover radial tires, so you can get your gear out to the lake or up to the mountains over roads many other RVs couldn’t manage. If your tow vehicle can be counted on to lead the way, a Rockwood ESP tent trailer can be counted on to follow along and bring your gear safely with it. And if you need more carrying room for motorcycles, kayaks, bikes, or even firewood, several of the ESP models can be purchased with a front storage deck that has a 650 pound weight capacity. (Note: check your tow vehicle’s towing capacity to make sure it can handle that extra weight.)

The ESP package also provides interior features made for the modern, active lifestyle. You’ll have Bluetooth technology and digital media components like an MP3 player, USB and auxiliary ports, a recharging station with additional ports, and LED lighting.

Forest River started their RV manufacturing business making tent trailers, and although they now make other types of excellent RVs, their pop-up campers continue to be some of the best in the industry. With the addition of the Extreme Sports Package, they have raised the bar on excellence. Whether you’re a family that needs up to 10 beds, or a couple looking for a comfortable way to get your gear out to the wilderness, be sure to take a look at the new ESP packages on the Forest River Rockwood tent trailers.

If you have any questions about this exciting new ESP package on the Rockwoods, be sure to give us a call or come take a look at the ESPs on our RV lot.

Next week, we’re going to spend a little time talking about our other favorite tent trailer for outdoor sports enthusiasts, the new Sylvan GO. See you then!

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